Clever track selection in TTree

Hello all,

I am trying to select in my TTree all events featuring at least two muon tracks with net muon charge equalling zero, in ROOT.

In PyRoot the smartest thing I could come up with is the following

from ROOT import *
import numpy as np
for entry in tree:
        #access the momenta and other vars
        isMuon = np.array(entry.muon)
        Charge = np.array(entry.charge)
        if sum(isMuon)>=2 and sum(Charge[np.where(isMuon==1)])==0:

Can anyone suggest a similar solution for ROOT that does not feature an ugly for/if loop?

Thanks, B.


Assuming that by ‘similar solution in ROOT’ you mean in C++ and that you are using ROOT v6, you can get closer by using TTreeReader.
See .
You need to know the type of your ‘muon’ and ‘charge’ and the name of they branches.
In your case it would be something like:

// Here 'tree' is your TTree object
TTreeReader reader(tree);

// Define your variables
TTreeReaderValue< ...muon type ... > muon(reader, "<muon_branch_name>");
TTreeReaderValue< ...charge type ... > charge(reader, "<charge_branch_name>");

// Loop
while (reader.Next()) {
    // *muon contains your 'muon', *charge contains your 'charge'

You should write then your small functions for sum(…) if the types do not provide them.

G Ganis

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