Clearing fStorage and fHistAlias (from Results class) from Factory Training/Testing

I am using TMVA.Factory() to train/test/evaluate a DNN in Python. I was wondering how to clear the histograms stored in the associated Results object created by factory.

More specifically, I get issues when iterating over the TrainAllMethods(), TestAllMethods() and EvaluateAllMethods(). In the second iteration, when I try running EvaluateAllMethods(), I get the following error:

FATAL: Alias MVA_S already exists in results storage

and when I try to run TMVA.Results.Delete(), I get the error:

unbound method TMVA::Results::Delete must be called with a TMVA::Results instance as first argument

but I am unable to find where the Results class is instantiated by Factory. I essentially want to use the function defined here for the results produced by Factory training/testing done in python.


I am not sure I have understood the cause of your problem. Could you please post your macro or code reproducing this ?

Thank you