Classes built into shared libraries


Is there a way to create a shared library from a class that
inherits from root classes, ie a TGMainFrame, without
having to create a ***Dict.cxx file by running rootcint.

Basically I want to create a shared library made up of classes
that can be called from root scripts and other files (ie .L ***.C)

The answer might be no. But I am curious if there is another way.
I noticed say theguitest examples from test and tutorials directories
are implemented very differently.

Thanks ahead of time.


In order to access compiled code from the command line (aka CINT), some entry point has to be exposed to CINT (i.e. by generating the dictionary).

The easiest way to generated simple shared library to use ACLiC:

This will run rootcint, the compiler and the linker for you and expose all the symbols declared in myfile.C [and myfile.h].

The difference between guitest.C and guitest.cxx is of a different nature. Current classes that are interpreted (i.e. are not compiled) and derived from a compiled can not overload any of the virtual functions. guitest.C is design to work both when compiled and interpreted. guitest.cxx can only work when compiled.