ClassDef with nested classes and structs with hierarcies

Hello ROOTers,

could you tell me please, what would be a better implementation, or maybe there is a hack to save one from the manual labor.
I have a ‘main class’ that contains several structs, which in turn have a mix of fundamental types and some ‘lower level’ structs.

It would be great to write ClassDef only in the outer main class, but I assume that won’t work. Do I need to write ClassDef for all structs manually and repeat it recursively for all inner structs? Should I just cop -paste a ton of all my fundamental types in the main class? Is there a better method?

Here in the manual is the example I would like to avoid since in my case the hierarchy of structs is deep.


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#pragma link [C|C++|off] [nestedclass|nestedtypedef];

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