Class advice for Root program

I need help to create a selection dialog window that would be similar to a file selection dialog window, but I would populate the selections with something other than files. The selections
would be objects that populated in shared memory.

Now each object would have a unique text identifier.

What would be the best way to create a selection dialog like this.

I was thinking of using TGListBox. Are there any examples using this?
Also while going through, if I used TGListBox, could I sort and retrive
items as TGTextLBEntry instead of TGLBEntry? If so
are there any examples using TGTextLBEntry?

Thanks in advance

Hi eberube,
file selection dialog made with TGListView widget.
Check how to use it in $ROOTSYS/tutorials/guitest.C
"File List test".

You can find there also an example of TGListBox usage.

HTH. Regards. Valeriy


You can find example how to use TGListBox in guitest.C. Currently listbox entries are simple text strings (TGTextLBEntry). Another example of using is the class TGFontDialog.

You could set multiple selection via TGListBox::SetMultipleSelections(kTRUE) and retrieve the selected entries via TGListBox::GetSelectedEntries(TList *selected). Once you have a TList you can sort its items, add or remove some etc.

Cheers, Ilka