Cint vs multithread

Good time, sirs.

My qustion is about of using cint in multithreaded applications (since search for ‘multithread’ produced no result I thought to ask that question).

In FAQ I have found this tpoic: 4) Use multi-thread safe
but it says that:
"If we have multiple copies of this library and load them independently, a dynamic loader thinks they are different libraries and keeps static variable independent. This way, we can run multiple Cint"
Yes, it sounds smart enough, yet it means that cint libraries are not really multi-threaded.
Is there any plans about to move these libraries to free-threaded model or not?

thank you.


There is no plan, so far, to implement a true multi-thread safe Cint for the moment. I am working on re-engineering of Cint core for ver6.x.
With ver6.x utilizes bytecode compilation for all execution. After it is done, it will become more realistic to discuss true multi-thread safety on cint.

Thank you
Masa Goto