CINT Security Limit

I’m receiving an error message from CINT that apparently indicates a string that is longer than 1024 bytes. However, the line that CINT complains about is very short and, as far as I can tell, should not present a problem.

Error message:
Limitation: Statement too long FILE: scripts/Split/geometryLogGaussAlt.C LINE:166
cint: Security mode 0x7:0x2 Limitation: Function can not be defined in a command line or tempfile
You need to write it in a source file FILE:scripts/Split/geometryLogGaussAlt.C LINE: 167

Offending lines of code:
166: TGraphErrors* summaryRMSZen=new TGraphErrors(59,doms,zenPlot, errDoms,
167: zenPlotRMS);

Full script is attached.

Thanks for your help.

geometryLogGaussAlt.C (6.87 KB)


there’s a “;” missing on line 128 after
double distPlotRMS[59]

Yes, the error msg is not optimal :slight_smile: Compile your code (.L myMacro.C+) to get better ones.


Thanks, Axel. I guess I need to check my code more carefully. :slight_smile: