CINT on Borland C++ Builder

I had compiled CINT as a library in Borland C++ Builder 6. The src files are as listed in the readme.txt in src directory. However, I encounter “Unresolved Externals” when using it in my demo program.

I had attached the library export list. As you can see in the list, it didn’t show G__init_cint() as exported. I suspect I’m using the old interface or something; I’m not sure. The lib file I generate is 3.62MB.

The code below is the demo app.

#include <vcl.h>
#include “G__ci.h” // CINT
#pragma argsused
int main(int argc, char* argv[])
G__init_cint(“cint -ID:\cint5.16\include script.cxx”);
return 0;

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong?
CINT Module List.txt (8.27 KB)


I am not sure what is the problem (I do not have the Borland Compiler)

However the issue has to be related to the fact that we move the CINT source file from K&R C to C++. In particular we move init.c into v6_init.cxx.
However we made sure (at least in all the other platforms) that the API was unchanged (we use extern “C”).