Cint .L compiler error

Hi, I’m getting some odd behaviour from my fixed location install of root(+cint) on ubuntu natty 11.04.

during my install i did the commands

sudo ./configure linux --prefix=/usr/local
sudo make -j2
sudo make install

where my architecture is ‘i686’. I can compile against the root libraries fine, external to cint . However, if I do

root -l
.L myHeaderFile.h

I get the error

I’m assuming that there’s something wrong with my include paths for cint? But I’m not sure how to properly change these things to the correct paths. Or perhaps I’m wrong, and I have to install a different compiler version to the default ubuntu one?

Any help is much appreciated.


By adding explicitly ‘linux’ on the configure line, you required the 32 bit build, was that intentional? It is possible that the problem is that the 32bit compatibility headers have not been install. Also which version of ROOT are you trying this with?



I think I fixed it. I’m not entirely sure how but I believe that my “.include” path was wrong and after a re-configure, clean and re-install it seems to have picked up the correct location. I’ve also added a line to my /etc/ file and run “sudo ldconfig -v” so that it should definitely know where the root libraries are (/usr/local/lib/root).

I think that the 32bit is fine as that’s pretty much my architecture, for the record it was version 5.31/01 according to root-config.

thanks anyway