Cint Error: no such template

Dear experts,
I know that this topic has been discussed several times, but I was not able to find a solution in the foum.

I’m running some code (not a simple macro!) and I get the compilation error reported after.

Here is the code causing the crash:

typedef Selector< D3PDReader::MuonD3PDObject, MuonSelection2012 > MuSel2012;
typedef Selector< D3PDReader::MuonD3PDObject, MuonHighPTSelection2012 > MuTight2012;
typedef Selector< D3PDReader::JetD3PDObject, JetSelection2012 > JetSel2012;
typedef Selector< D3PDReader::ElectronD3PDObject, ElectronSelection2012 > EleSel2012;

The interesting thing is that during the developing it was copiling and running fine.
The compilation error appared after a “make clean”.
Any help would be appreciated.
My code runs under rootcore and can be found here: … ysis/trunk

Running rootcint
Error: no such template SelectorD3PDReader::MuonD3PDObject,MuonSelection2012 ./…/Root/…/WueAnalysis/test.h:46:
Error: no such template SelectorD3PDReader::MuonD3PDObject,MuonHighPTSelection2012 ./…/Root/…/WueAnalysis/test.h:47:
Error: no such template SelectorD3PDReader::JetD3PDObject,JetSelection2012 ./…/Root/…/WueAnalysis/test.h:48:
Error: no such template SelectorD3PDReader::ElectronD3PDObject,ElectronSelection2012 ./…/Root/…/WueAnalysis/test.h:49:
Error: link requested for unknown class LqSelection ./…/Root/LinkDef.h:21:
Error: link requested for unknown class Selector ./…/Root/LinkDef.h:24:
Warning: Error occurred during reading source files
Warning: Error occurred during dictionary source generation
!!!Removing …/obj/WueAnalysis_Dict.cxx …/obj/WueAnalysis_Dict.h !!!
Error: /opt/AtlasSw/ATLASLocalRootBase/i686/root/5.34.04-i686-slc5-gcc4.3/bin/rootcint: error loading headers…
make: *** […/obj/WueAnalysis_Dict.cxx] Error 1
failed to compile package /home/siragusa/Work/LQ2012/WueAnalysis