CINT and the new iostream scheme


I have problem building ROOT 5.06/00 onto 2 platforms: HP-UX 11 with aCC and Compaq OSF1 Tru64 with cxx. Both compilers accept now the standard iostream instead of their own, not standard but they require somz special flags.

For cxx (OSF1) there is a macro “-D__USE_STD_IOSTREAM” that I am using on the command line to compile code. With this everything in ROOT compiles nicely, except src/*strm.cxx in CINT. Without this flag, new packages like Minuit2, ROOFIT, openGl and QT support won’t compile.

I read in : that a new iostream redirection scheme was implemented but I cannot manage to understand how to make CINT compile with this -D__USE_STD_IOSTREAM flag.
René Brun has fixed the Makefile.alphacxx6 so that the flag -D__USE_STD_IOSTREAM would be along with other compiler flags. But CINT cannot compile with it.

I have the same problem with HP-UX aCC and the “-AA” flag.

Is there a simple way to tell CINT to use std iostream instead of the redefined one CINT is using?

Thnaks, this is not an easy question :confused:


The issue is a makefile issue. Look at cint/, for the ifeq that correspond to your platform you will need to replace the *strm.cxx file that
is use by either gcc3strm.cxx (or iccstrm.cxx).