CINT and stl::iterator

hi there,

I started trying to load a bunch of libraries and utilities of mine with CINT and of course I’m running into some proble regarding templates.

I still don’t know what is the problem, and I have quite a history of asking stupid questions, but since the template business is not trivial I just ask the question and see what people can tell me.

It wont go past a line that reads:

My class utl::Pair loads fine. Is this a CINT problem? Do I have to load something before loading this? (I included ). Know what I’m missing?



What is the error messages?

What is the context?



I admit it is one of those that couls create complications. My class inherits from std::iterator (actually I didn’t write it, only trying to use it interactively)

The first lines of the file that gives trouble are

#include <utl/Pair.h>
#include <vector>

#include <iostream>

namespace utl {

class TabulatedFunctionIterator: 
    public std::iterator<std::input_iterator_tag, 

The class Pair has no stl inside is just a simple pair, nothing fancy. So maybe the problem is the inheritance?

Did you create a linkdef containing all the stl types you use (the “specialized” ones you use, nopt the generic templated types)? E.g. you’ll need

#pragma link C++ class utl::Pair+; #pragma link C++ class std::iterator<std::input_iterator_tag,utl::Pair,ptrdiff_t>+;and probably even



I knew there would be something I was missing. I’m not doing that. Is there a place where these things about stl and cint are explained? I have a copy of the manual (outdated, perhaps), but maybe there is a better place where all these things are.


Hi,,, and, in general,±RootTalk±CintTalk
to get all pages concerning rootcint, which are neither roottalk nor cinttalk.