Chopped y-axis labels when using 0 margins between pads

I’m trying to draw several pads with margins between them, so they share the x axis. The problem is that numbers on the y axis get chopped. For example, if the y axis starts from 0, then only the top half of the number 0 is shown, since the bottom half is outside the pad. Is there a way to fix this?


Hello, could you attach a screenshot showing the problem you are describing?
Thank you

See, for example, the “[url= labels overlapped by pad[/url]” and the “[url= plot[/url]” threads.

OK, thanks (Simon?). One would think there should be a better way to do it than change the plot boundary (something I’m also having trouble with, Setting TPad range in user coordinates), e.g., allowing items on the pad to be visible outside the pad. But I’ll give it a shot.

Thanks again,