Chi2Test using weighted smoothed histograms

If I try to perform the Chi2Test with two smoothed (calling Th1::Smooth) and weighed histograms the procedure seems stuck forever. This is on ROOT 6.04/02

While it may be questionable to evaluate the chi2 after smoothing, I was wondering if the above behaviour is expected. I could run the K-S test with and without the smoothing in almost the same amount of time.


If you perform smoothing you should not run a Chi2Test, because the bins are correlated. You will not get a statistic meaningful p-valiue. However the program should not be stuck forever.
I can look at this issue if you post a macro reproducing this problems or the two smoothed histograms.

Best Regards


Hi Lorenzo,

It looked it a problem with my pyroot installation, I cannot reproduce it. So let’s leave it at that until it comes back. Thanks for offering to take a look.

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