Chi2Test on select region of TProfile

I would like to use the Chi2Test method of TH1, and possibly the KolgomorovTest method, to compare two TProfile plots. The problem I have is that in some regions of the plots, the associated errors are not reliable (they are too small - binomial errors of proportion issue), and so I wish to discount these from the test. Is it possible to define a region over which the test will be applied? Failing that, how can I override the Bin error to just set it to a massive value so that it doesn’t contribute to the Chi2? I tried used “SetBinError” but this doesn’t seem to have an affect on TProfiles?



You cannot really set different bin errors in the profile. You should transform the TProfile in a TH1D using
TProfile::ProjectionX and then you can do the chi2 test on the TH1D objects.
For selecting a range, you can use the SetRange(first,last) on TAxis.

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