Chi2 from RooFitResult

Hello everyone!

I know one can get the chi2 of a RooFitResult by plotting the components on a RooPlot frame and then get the chi2 from this frame…

//Perform the fit
result = <RooAddPdf>.fitTo(<RooDataHist>, RooFit.Extended(True), RooFit.Save(True), RooFit.PrintLevel(-1), RooFit.InitialHesse(True))

//get fit status
fit_status = result.covQual()

//Plot result on a RooPlot frame
frame = <RooRealVar>.frame()
<RooAddPdf>.plotOn(frame, RooFit.LineColor(kBlack), RooFit.LineStyle(kDashed))

//Get chi2 from RooPlot object
chi2 = frame.chiSquare(3)  //taking into account 3 dof (dimensions of freedom)

I am saving my histograms in a *.root file to analyze them afterwards, so I would like to avoid plotting everything on a RooPlot frame.

Is there any way to get the chi2 of the fit directly from the RooFitResult instead of getting it from the RooPlot object frame?