Chi-squared surface?

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I’m fairly new to ROOT and neither a very skilled programmer. For my thesis, I would like to be able to plot the chi-squared surface of fits. The function I fit to my data looks like

where the variable in brackets are fit parameters. I would like to plot the chi^2 surface for two of those parameters, namely A and B in this case, whilst the other are fixed.

I obtain the fit, its parameters and chi-squared with the following (incomplete) code snippet

TGraph* g = new TGraphErrors("data.dat","%lg %lg %lg"); TF1 *func = new TF1("fitf",fitf,xmin,xmax,12); g->Fit("fitf","0Qr"); vfit[j]= fit->GetParameter(j); func->SetParameters(vfit); Chisq/ndf = func->GetChisquare()/func->GetNDF();
where data.dat contains x, y, y-error.

Is there a built-in possibilty of plotting a (2D) histogram of the chi-squared surface and, if so, how would I have to implement it?

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You need to retrieve the chi2 function from the fitter class in order to plot a 2D scan of the chi2 function. We have a method for the 1D scan, but not yet for 2D. I would need to implement it.
So, to do it now, you can do as in the attached example (note you need to compile the macro with ACLIC).

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Scan2D.C (1.3 KB)