Cherenkov photons in TVirtualMC


I use TVirtualMC API for my simulations,
and ocassionally I need to switch on the propogation and reflection of Cherenkov photons in the medium.

I used gMC->SetCerenkov(…) call, but without any results.

What should I do to switch on the Cherenkov photon transport in some medium?

Another question: how to describe the reflection properties of surface by using TVirtualMC interface?

Thanks in advance.


You have to call:
during initialization. After that you can use SetCerenkov(idmed,…) to describe medium optical properties. You have to provide as argument idmed the value returned by gMC->Medium(idmed,…).

I do not understand what you mean by “reflection properties of the surface”. A surface always reflects according the normal vector at the crossing point… Reflection occurance is decided according the media types separated by the crossed boundary: dielectric, metal, non-optical.

Look at the description of GSCKOV routine inside GEANT3, which is in fact called by TGeant3::SetCerenkov()