Characters in eps files


I’m trying to create a .eps file from a canvas containing greek letters in the legend.
The text looks fine in the canvas but when I do something like:
and then try to import it into a latex document, the greek letters are displayed as normal (English) font.
I’m using Version 5.13/05 on a Debian Linux machine.
Is there a quick solution to this or do you need me to send a macro?



I do not see any problem with greek letters in eps files.
Could you send the shortest possible script reproducing your problem?
Do you see the problem when embedding eps files generated by
the various TLatex tutorials?


Hi Rene,

I tried the tutorial “latex.C” and this has similar effects; the Greek letters are English and the integral sign is a strange character when I import the .eps file into Latex.
I’ve included a short macro to show what I am doing but it seems it is not a problem with my root code.
I’m using Latex on a windows machine on a Miktex platform.

Thanks for your time,

dop_test.c (1.53 KB)

The eps file produced by the script is OK. You can view it with ps/eps viewing tools. The problem seems to be with your Latex engine under Windows.