Changing the exponent of an axis

Hi there,
I’ve got a plot here whose y-axis ranges from 0 to approx. 8000000.
ROOT v.5.11/02 displays this as 0 … 1000 … … 8000 with an
exponent of 10^3 sitting on the top of the window. I would however
much rather have 0 … 1 … … 8 with an exponent 10^6, which saves
space and has the same information content. Is there a way to achieve this ?
Thanks and have a good day,

Hi Ruediger,


Note that this is setting a global parameter. You may have to
reset it for other graphs.


Hi all,

In the attached macro I have an example of a plot with two y axis and one x axis. I would line that in both y axis I get MaxDigits(2) but not in the x one.
So I have two problems:
1)In the y axis on the right it seems that setMaxDigits(2) does not have any effect. How can I get this to work in that axis?

  1. I would like that the x axis have the 5 default digits. How can I get that keeping both y axis with maxdigits(2)?

root v5_18 and Max Os 10.5


yCAL07det93_35deg.doc (106 Bytes)
yBDF35DET93.doc (127 Bytes)
root_macro.C (1.8 KB)