Changing TGNumberEntryField value

dear all,
I have a TGNumberEntryField object which is used to display a counter.
If I change its value with


the widget becomes empty until I pass over it with the mouse pointer.

This is what happens in my standalone GUI…

If I try to do the same interactively it works fine: the widget displays the actual number…

Am I doing something wrong? Do I have to update the MainFrame or something?

I hope in your help.

PS: using ROOT v5.16/00

Hi Roberto,

I see no problem following steps you described. The TGNumberEntryField gets updated immediately I set a new value. Please provide as simple as possible example that will help to reproduce what you see as behavior.

Thank you, Ilka

you’re right… with a simple program the problem is not there… it will be something somewhere in my code, probably. unfortunately it is quite complicated…
thank you