Changing Text Color of TGCheckButton

I have a problem with TGCheckButton text color ; I want to have many TGCheckButton with different text color but when I change the color with TGTextButton::SetTextColor() the last color set is applied for all text widgets (whatever the boolean flag is)

TGVerticalFrame *F0 = new TGVerticalFrame(MyFrame, 100, 80);
MyFrame->AddFrame(F0,new TGLayoutHints(kLHintsTop | kLHintsLeft , 5, 5, 5, 5));

TGCheckButton *Check1=new TGCheckButton(F0,"check 1",1);
Check1->SetTextColor(Pixel_t(0xff0000),false); // this is red
TGCheckButton *Check2=new TGCheckButton(F0,"check 2",2);
Check2->SetTextColor(Pixel_t(0x0000ff),false); // this is blue

but the result is blue for both CheckButton texts.
Thanks very much for helps

Hi Olivier,

[code]Pixel_t red, blue;
gClient->GetColorByName(“red”, red);
gClient->GetColorByName(“blue”, blue);

TGCheckButton *Check1=new TGCheckButton(F0,“check 1”,1);
Check1->SetTextColor(red,kTRUE); // set Check1 in red

TGCheckButton *Check2=new TGCheckButton(F0,“check 2”,2);
Check2->SetTextColor(blue,kFALSE); // set Check2 and all application buttons in blue; does not change the color of Check1

F0->AddFrame(Check2); [/code]The second parameter in SetTextColor is very important. When it is set to kTRUE the button color will be set ‘locally’ (i.e. only for Check1) and the color of all other buttons in the application will remain as it is. If this parameter is set to kFALSE, the color will be set globally, i.e. all buttons with no local setting will accept that change. The last change will apply on all radio, text, and check buttons in the application. For example, the code above sets the blue color for them, but leaves in red color the button Check1.
If you wish to have Check1 in red, Check2 in blue - the second parameter should be kTRUE in both SetTextColor method calls. All other buttons in your application will keep their color.

Cheers, Ilka

Thanks very much!