Changing temp directory for TFileMerger

Dear root-experts,

I am trying to use the TFileMerger to merge a large number of root files. The merger seems to make a local copy of each root file in /tmp. This eats up all the space and makes it impossible to merge all the files because the total space required exceeds the space available on the /tmp partition.

I was wondering if it is possible to turn off this local copy option and have root just use the original files I want to merge. If not, is there a way to change the temp directory which the merger uses?

thanks in advance,
Sipho van der Putten

Dear Sipho,

If you initialize the merger with argument kFALSE

root [] TFileMerger merger(kFALSE)

the input files will be open where they are, i.e. no local copy.

However, currently TFileMerger always creates first the output file in gSystem->TempDirectory() and then copy it to its final destination.
This will be changed so that the output is created to its final destination.