Change transparency in TCompositeShape:


I’m trying to set the transparency of a TGeoVolume created from the TGeoCompositeShape,

... TGeoManager *geom = new TGeoManager("geom","Analyse Cavity"); TGeoMaterial *Fe = new TGeoMaterial("Fe",55.845,26,7.87); TGeoMedium *Iron = new TGeoMedium("Iron",1,Fe); TGeoVolume *pF = geom->MakeBox("pF",Iron,106,30,60); TGeoVolume *fPF = geom->MakeTube("fPF",Iron,0,28,30.1); TGeoCombiTrans *cbtFPF = new TGeoCombiTrans(0,0,0, new TGeoRotation("r2",0,90,0)); cbtFPF->SetName("cbtFPF"); cbtFPF->RegisterYourself(); TGeoCompositeShape *pFF = new TGeoCompositeShape("mir","pF-fPF:cbtFPF"); TGeoVolume *vPFF = new TGeoVolume("vPFF",pFF); vPFF->SetLineColor(15); geom->GetVolume("vPFF")->SetTransparency(50); ...

Doesn’t it work with composite shape?

Thank you,