Cfitsio.dll and windows distro (v5.34.20)

I was just playing around with the v5.34.20 release and have a bomb because some ROOT library I’m loading is missing the cfitsio.dll file. Should this have been distributed with ROOT? If not, do I need to download it separately?

Many thanks!

How do I know what version ROOT is built against? No other version will work correctly (well, it is very unlikely unless the cfitsio folks take a great deal of care).

Hi Gordon,

I used cfitsio 3.25, and FYI, we never distribute external dlls with ROOT. And since 5.34.21, we only build plugins that we can statically link with (i.e. basically nothing…), to avoid this kind of issue

Cheers, Bertrand.

Thanks! I hadn’t realized 21 was out already! :slight_smile: