switching from CASTOR to CASTOR2 I find out that there is no more Info output when plotting TChained ROOT files:

Info in TCastorFile::FindServerAndPath: fDiskServer: lxfs5622, r: rootug://lxfs5622//shift/lxfs5622/data0 … root.89915

Is there any way to print it also in CASTOR2?


Hi Simone,

Yes, you should set the env STAGER_TRACE to 3, e.g.

and you should get all the info bout the request sent to the server.

G. Ganis

In that way I get a lot of info, but I need only the file name.
I tried several numebrs without succes.

Which is the option to print out only the castor file name?


Ooh, sorry, I’ve misunderstood that you wanted the physical filename. Unfortunately CASTOR2 does not allow to export that information. The only thing that you can get is an ID that allows the server to match your request with the file once it has been staged on disk.

G. Ganis