Canvas "Not Responding" under WIN8.1

I created a GUI under root on WIN8.1, compiled it using VC++10 and everything runs perfectly. The GUI has a progress bar which is working properly. However, sometimes, the canvas turns white-ish. It seems that WIN8.1 somehow took over the control and does not allow the canvas to update its progress bar anymore. The canvas recuperates control once the internal computing of the GUI has finished, and the progress bar jumps to the end…but well, the idea of following the internal computational progress of the GUI is lost. So my question is: how do I prevent windows to block the update/refreshing of my GUI? When the canvas turns white-ish I can see in the top bar of the canvas a change in title saying “Not Responding”. Giving root real-time priorities under WIN8.1 does not help!

Hi Ralph,

Well, it depends on your code. If you are using tight CPU consuming loop(s), then you may have to add [color=#0000FF]gSystem->ProcessEvents()[/color] inside, to let the system processing the GUI events.
If you don’t have control on what takes your CPU resources, then you may have to creates separate thread(s) to process those CPU consuming tasks, letting the main thread processing the GUI events.

Cheers, Bertrand.

Hi Bertrand,

many thanks !!! It did the trick :slight_smile:
Many greetings from London and many thanks,