Canvas frozen and can't be closed!

Hi ROOTers,

this question looks similar to [url][Solved] Canvas won't close! but actually they are not even remotely related.

The problem: When a ROOT (version 5.34/36) Canvas is open and I terminate the root session by ctrl+z in my Ubuntu 16.04 terminal, the Canvas looks fine, the plots are there but it’s actually frozen and will not close ! I could try to look for the process using “top” and try to kill it but can’t find any process name that can be related to ROOT !! So I have to reboot my system each time this annoying thing happens ! Of course I can avoid “ctrl + z” but let’s say there are situations when I want to do it anyway.

Can anyone help me close the Canvas without a reboot ?

Thanks a lot

In the terminal window in which you pressed “Ctrl+Z” execute “fg”, then on the ROOT prompt execute “.q”.
If you already closed this terminal window, execute “ps x” and find the PID of the “root.exe” process, then execute “kill -9 your_root_exe_PID”.

Thanks a lot, that helped. Although the first solution “fg” has a problem in my case, because I was running a macro just before executing “ctrl+z” hence whenever I do “fg” it goes back to the macro and starts running it… in the end when the execution of the macro ends and I am back to the “root shell” I can “.q” as you said. But the better solution for me now is to just “ps x” and kill it.