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Can't shared libraly named libmagboltz.so.11 in Garfield++

Daer Friends,
I made an execute file to run a macro on Garfield++. Nevertheless, it can’t open a shared object file " libmagboltz.so.11 ". If you know how can solve the problem please lets me know.
Thank you so much for helps

@caiazza can you help?

I’ll take a look in the evening.
@Anantachai_Lakrathok i may need more information. Please tell me which OS are you using and can you tell me a bit better how did you create that executable? Did you just try to compile the TCAD example or did you also add something else?

Dear Caiazza,
I used Ubuntu 20 and I modified Tcad example to add ComponentVixel ( of an E-field from Tcad to Grafield++) instead of TCAD initialization ( that used .grd and .dat file). Also, I did Cmake the macro file to executable. In finally, I tried to run an executable file but it cant do because it cant shared library.
Thank you so much

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