Can't set Rint.HistSize larger?

I want to set the size larger, instead of the default 5000, i want something like 500k or unlimited history, or at least 50k.

however when i “.q”, the rootcling crashed with the following msg:

#5 0x00007fed2858b61d in textinput::History::AppendToFile() () from /usr/local/src/root-6.05.02/lib/
#6 0x00007fed285945fd in textinput::TextInput::AddHistoryLine(char const*) () from /usr/local/src/root-6.05.02/lib/
#7 0x00007fed28586003 in Gl_histadd () from /usr/local/src/root-6.05.02/lib/


can this be fixed? i am using root 6.05.02



more details about your setup might be needed.
I increased to 0.5M the HistSize for master, 6.06 patches, 6.04 patches and 6.02 patches and I cannot reproduce the problem.
Perhaps updating to 6.06.02 is an option for you?



I have the same longstanding problem. When I login to lxplus (zsh), then the lines:

Rint.HistSize: 1000000
Rint.HistSave: 1000000

cause ROOT to crash when I quit via “q.”. If I comment them out, then the crash is gone. Strangely no matter how small I decrease them e.g. down to 100 (I forgot what the default value is), this doesn’t help unless I comment the lines entirely.

Backstory is below. It would be great if this could be fixed, assuming not an error on my part.


I login with as clean as environment as I can manage (hid the .zshrc, .login, .zshenv) in zsh. Then I tested in two situations:

a) The default root 5.34 with gcc 4.4.7 on lxplus:
I can check the root version fine in batch mode (root -b -q -v). But if I run the interpreter, when I try to quit it crashes. I’ve dumped the environmental variables (env), PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH (empty), and checks of gcc and root versions in the attached log “default.txt”.

b) Now in a clean setup, instead I setup root via setupATLAS:
lsetup root
Then I repeat the above. Now it runs root 6.04.14:
with gcc 4.9.3:
However I still have the same crash as before. All the same info is dumped in “setupATLAS.txt”.
default.txt (11.3 KB)
setupATLAS.txt (25 KB)

Hi Eric,

you are using root 5.34 on lxplus. We were discussing root6. In march I proposed to move to 6.06, I now propose to move to 6.08 and try again.



As I wrote above, this still happens in version 6.04.


Hi Eric,

I can reproduce the issue on slc6 with a vanilla ROOT distribution outside the atlas environment. I’ll come back to you.