Can't link ROOT and PYTHIA

ROOT Version: 6.26/06
Platform: MacOs Monterrey v.12.6
Pythia version: 8.308

Hello everyone!

I am having some problems while linking ROOT and PYTHIA. I have tried using

./configure --enable-shared --with-root=`root-config --prefix`

but the following is displayed

Running PYTHIA configuration script. Now is Tue Jan 17 16:54:35 CST 2023
WARNING: Ignoring invalid option "--enable-shared".
WARNING: CXX not set, using g++.
WARNING: Disabling ROOT - header TROOT.h missing.
WARNING: Disabling ROOT - library Core missing.
|                    PYTHIA Configuration Summary                   |
  Architecture                = DARWIN
  C++ compiler     CXX        = g++
  C++ flags        CXX_COMMON = -O2 -std=c++11 -pedantic -W -Wall -Wshadow -fPIC -pthread
  C++ shared flag  CXX_SHARED = -dynamiclib
  Further options             = 

The following optional external packages will be used:

In my case, root-config --prefix gives me /usr/local/Cellar/root/6.26.06_2

I installed ROOT via brew but I don’t have PYTHIA in my features. When typing

root-config --has-pythia8 

it gives me no.

Does anyone have a clue of what can I do? Any help will be appreciated

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In the end I reinstalled root form source and that did the trick.