Can't get std::vector<std::string> from TFile

Dear experts

Got some very simple piece of code doing the following :

file=TFile.Open( _fileName, 'READ' )
someVectorOfStrings = file.Get(''directoryList")

crashing as :


#11 0x00000009 in ?? ()
#12 0xf694092b in TDirectoryFile::GetDirectory(char const*, bool, char const*) () from /afs/

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 76, in
File “/nfs/atlas/ngutierrez01/ttbar8TeV-newsvn/runOnTree/”, line 51, in ConfigureCutDirectory
someVectorOfStrings = file.GetDirectory(‘directoryList’)
SystemError: problem in C++; program state has been reset

  These are the contents of the file :

Attaching file test/tree.root as _file0…
root [1]
TFile** test/tree.root
TFile* test/tree.root
KEY: TTree num;1 Event counts before cuts
KEY: TTree analysis;1 TTbarEventTree – after nominal cutflow
KEY: vector directoryList;1 object title
KEY: vector systematicsList;1 object title

 Have been trying several things but nothing works so far.
 What could be wrong here ?



could you post (a portion of) the file?

Given that this is within an ATLAS environment, it could very well be a discrepancy between Reflex and CINT dictionaries, and likely Cintex should be enabled before loading. However, w/o the file to try out, that’s just a guess.