Can't call TFile::get() in current scope (tmpfile)

I run interactively the following:

TFile file(“myFile.root”);;

now I can see the line I am looking for(among others):
KEY: TDirectoryFile GqaMCAnalysis;1 GqaMCAnalysis

but when I try:
TDirectoryFile *dir = file.get(“GqaMCAnalysis”)

I get:
Error: Canwt call TFile::get(GqaMCAnalysis) in current scope (tmpfile)(1)
Possible candidates are…
(in TFile)
(in TDirectoryFile)
*** Interperter error recovered ***

what does it mean? what am I doing wrong?

Thank you

ROOT Input/Output -> Subdirectories and Navigation
BTW. It’s “Get” not “get” (case matters in C/C++).