Cannot switch to web browser

I have just installed root_v6.30.06 to take place of 6.28 because I need some C++17 features. But I find that the default Browser is ROOTBrowser instead of Web Browser.
I have changed C:\root_v6.30.06\etc\system.rootrc as follow:

Canvas.Name:                TWebCanvas
Browser.Name:                ROOT::Experimental::RWebBrowserImp

But it doesn’t work

_ROOT Version:6.30.06
Compiler: Not Provided

Try with ROOT::RWebBrowserImp

It shows

rootrc parameter "Browser.Name" with web browser disabled for security reasons.
See for more information.
For environments controlling the security issues you can enable web display by calling
gROOT->SetWebDisplay(); in ROOT prompt or in startup scripts

I want to use Web Browser when I open a .root file, so I guess I need to change the startup scripts. Where is it in windows system?

You can create a rootlogon.C in either the etc directory in the ROOT installation, your %USERPROFILE%, or the current directory. For example:

void rootlogon() {

See the TROOT::SetWebDisplay|(const char *webdisplay) documentation

Thank you very much!
It works when I put rootlogon.C in the current directory.
By the way, it doesn’t work when I put it in the etc directory or my %USERPROFILE%.

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OK, I’ll check, it might have changed or it might be different on Windows…

OK, so here is how it works:
rootlogon.C in the current directory
.rootlogon.C in the %USERPROFILE% directory, with _rootlogon() as function name
system.rootlogon.C in the %ROOTSYS%\etc directory, with system_rootlogon() as function name

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For example, a %USERPROFILE%\.rootlogon.C with a couple of printf, not to forget that a custom command is being executed:

void _rootlogon()
   printf("\nExecuting custom %%USERPROFILE%%\\.rootlogon.C\n\n");
   printf("Setting Web Display as \"chrome\"...\n\n");
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Same can be achieved with .rootrc parameter:

WebGui.Display: chrome

Info about related parameters in RWebWindow::ShowWindow() docu