Cannot interrupt root process

Hello everybody

Since sometime I am running into a strange problem. It’s a combination of me updating to high sierra and root 6. I cannot though figure out what’s the issue and I appreciate some help.

So coming to the issue: usually as I was running a process into root I was able to interrupt it either with cntrl+c or cmd+. which I still can do for other processes than root… it’s bothering me a lot and I was wondering if anybody else fell into the same situation or not.

I am on Mac OSX 10.13.1, root (pre compiled) 6.12.04, xcode 9.1


I guess, it is the same problem as described here:

Probably yes, thanks for pointing it out !

Use Cntrl-Z & kill as workaround until solution will be proposed by the ROOT team

thanks ctrl+z works if it is the first command but if accidentally I press ctrl+c then all the rest commands are ignored until the process finishes… it’s a bit frustrating but sure it’s a workaround I use now…


That’s a bug; I have created

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Finally fixed in the future v6.12/08, 6.14/00 and 6.16/00. Thanks for reporting!