Cannot install ROOT v5.34.22 on Mac OSX Mavericks+

Lots of details here: … ssues/1219

All my logs are here: … aw/02.make


When I try installing via ./configure and then make, it fails:

$ cp /Library/Caches/Homebrew/root-5.34.22.tar.gz . $ tar zxf root-5.34.22.tar.gz $ cd root $ ./configure macosx64 --all --enable-builtin-glew --enable-builtin-freetype > config.log 2>&1 $ make -j 8 > make.log 2>&1


It looks to me you have compilation error in Vc. It should be fixed now in the HEAD of 5.34 patches, but if you don’t need vc, just do ./configure --disable-vc


Thanks a lot Lorenzo! That seems to have fixed it. Any idea why it showed up now?