Cannot input text in GUIs


the strange problem here is that I cannot input characters (letters) in TBrowser or the Fitpanel GUI.
I mean letters/characters not numbers or symbols like "^"
Root v. and v.5.34.34 prebuilt on Linux Fedora23/64bit with gcc-5.2.1

Thanks for any help. :wink:


could you be a bit more precise?
For example, on ROOT 6.06.02, osx build, I cannot reproduce the issue.


here. I suppose you can see the mouse pointer near the 'Command (local)" input field, where I wrote some numbers and symbols but i cannot insert any other keyboard letter. of course the language is set to english and everytwhere else on my system works fine.



And what is your keyboard layout? (I mean the original one, and the one in your settings, if they are different)

Cheers, Bertrand.

it is Greek. both the laptop ondoard and the external. none works. :open_mouth:

So it’s maybe related to that (just guessing)…

Well it seems you are right. I moved up English in the list and made ite preselected/default.

thanks Bertrand