Cannot find out how to compile in Ruby support

Hi everyone,

in Root 4-02.00 Ruby support seems to be already in the distribution. However I do not seem to be able to build it. This is what I tried:

The script then told me among other things:

Checking for ruby.h ... /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/i386-linux
Checking for libruby-static ... /usr/lib

Enabled support for asimage, exceptions, explicitlink, ruby, shadowpw, shared, thread, xrootd.

However, when I build Debian packages with “make debian”, the Ruby library is never built. In fact, there are no object files in ruby/src at all.

Anything I am going wrong here? Thanks in advance!


Hi Jan,
you’ll have to run “make && make debian”.

Hi Axel,

thanks for the reply!

I followed your advice, first using make, then using make debian, but there was no change – ruby does not seem to be build. Just to be safe, I started from scratch, deleted my source tree and unpacked the distribution tarball again, but that did not help.

Does it make any difference that I tried to install root into /usr/ with --prefix? I also noticed that in order to make debian packages, I had to rename the directory from …/root to …/root-4.02.00 for the debian target to work, but I can not see any obvious reason why that should make a difference.


I guess that Ruby support isn’t enabled per default, so that one needs to pass the option --enable-ruby to configure to actually build the stuff.

When you do make debian' it actually configures the sources it self, based on what is found, and what there's support for in the Debian scripts. Currently the ruby plugin isn't supported by the Debian/RPM scripts, and hence–enable-ruby’ isn’t added to the configure commandline.

I’ve been rather busy the past year, so I haven’t had a chance to update the Debian/RPM scripts in quite a while. hopefully I’ll be able to do that soon, but I cannot promise anything at this time. If you like, you can take a look at the README file in `build/packages/lib’ (I think). It details what is done in the Debian/RPM scripts. You can then try to implement these things yourself. I’m sure Fons will happily apply the patch.



Hi Christian,

thanks for clearing this up for me. Since I don’t have any expertise in building packages I will probably first try a regular install. If I do come up with anything concerning the packages I will post it.