Cannot extract standard library include paths! - installing root

Dear Friends,

I tryed to install root on ubuntu 23.10 with precompiled binaryies. And when I am trying to execute root in terminal I am geeting folowing error. How Can I fix it?

The binary you downloaded was compiled for Ubuntu 23.04 (as indicated by the message above, at the line “With c++ …”).
You need one for your specific Ubuntu, but there is no binary yet for 23.10 on the download page, so unless you change your Ubuntu, you may want to wait until a version for 23.10 shows up (but I don’t know whether it will), or compile your own ROOT, for which you first have to install the dependencies for Ubuntu, and then compile; read all in Installing ROOT - ROOT (check first the dependencies and then read the “build from source” section at the bottom). You could also run it in a Docker container (also explained in that page), but I think that’s not the best option, and it may not have the latest version anyway.

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Thanks So much for your answer.

Will this problem be solved if I install root with package manager instead of binary distribution?

Or it is more challenging?

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