Cannot execute macro on MacOs (bad source file)

Good day!
I’m asking or your help with one issue.
I’ using ROOT Version 5.34/32, CINT/ROOT C/C++ Interpreter version 5.18.00 on both my computers (win7 VSS12 desktop and MacOs 10.11 macbook).
When I trying to execute macro on computer with Win7 it works.
But when I trying to execute the same macro on my MacBook i get an error message:

root [0] Processing mapEarth_new.cpp... Error: Bad source file(unnamed macro) /Users/sergeykoldobskiy/Dropbox/Data/23092015/forward/./mapEarth_new.cpp mapEarth_new.cpp:1: unnamed macro has to be executed by 'x' command *** Interpreter error recovered ***
Why do I get this error message on mac and how it possible to avoid it?
It seems that that question has very simple answer so please sorry i’m beginner with ROOT.
Just in case the macro is attached to the message.
mapEarth_new.C (14.2 KB)


remove the empty line(s) before the first “{”.


Thank you!
It works. Could you please explain me the reason of this problem?

CINT does a great job in interpreting C++ but it had some limitations. You hit one of them.
ROOT6 solved this and many many other problems.