Cannot create output file

Hi, I em quite new to Proof, I`m trying to do a simple macro that process a chain, fill a histogram and write it on .root file.

I`m using, as seen in exemples, in SlaveBegin():


and to run and save the file:


the script runs with no error, but no output file is made.
Could someone help me?
Thank you.
ntp1.h (199 KB)
ntp1.C (7.16 KB)
macro1.C (1.56 KB)

Dear giovanni86,

I do not see anything obviously wrong.
Can you check what is the content of the output list after the run?
Just add, for example, the following call after chain->Process(…):


Check also if it make any difference removing the ‘of=test.root’ and/or the ‘stf’ options.

Could you also specify the ROOT version and whether you are using PROOF-Lite (on your desktop, no daemon) or standard PROOF?

G. Ganis