Cannot compile TASImage class

Hello, I am doing some image processing and I am importing PNG files. Using the tutorial package for images, I was able to write a script that runs for both ROOT5 and ROOT6.

To speed up the process, I decided to modify the script to compile it however it fails with TASImage class. Despite importing TASImage.h and TImage.h

undefined reference to `TASImage::TASImage(char const*, TImage::EImageFileTypes)’

#include <TASImage.h>
#include <TImage.h>

I would appreciate it if someone who was able to compile a code calling for TASImage.
Thank you for your time.

_ROOT Version: 5 and 6 latest provided by CERN
Platform: RPM
Compiler: gcc 4.*

You also have to link against the libraries you use when compiling the code.

Hello Amadio, Which library flags should be set? I use the standard glibs

`root-config --libs` -lASImage

Excellent! Thank you Wile E Coyote!

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