Cannot build VecGeom and ROOT together (Ubuntu 20)

I’m trying to build VecGeom and ROOT with the following Dockerfile (it’s really a great container thing that one always has a MWE for free):

And I get the following mysterious compilation error (VERBOSE=1):

[ 87%] Generating G__ROOTVecOps.cxx, ../../lib/libROOTVecOps_rdict.pcm, ../../lib/libROOTVecOps.rootmap
cd /root/build/math/vecops && /usr/bin/cmake -E env rootcling -v2 -f G__ROOTVecOps.cxx -s /root/build/lib/ -m libCore_rdict.pcm -rml -rmf /root/build/lib/libROOTVecOps.rootmap -writeEmptyRootPCM -I/root/src/math/vecops -I/root/src/math/vecops/inc -I/root/src/core/unix/inc -I/root/src/core/foundation/v7/inc -I/root/src/core/base/v7/inc -I/root/src/core/clingutils/inc -I/root/src/core/textinput/inc -I/root/src/core/thread/inc -I/root/src/core/zip/inc -I/root/src/core/rint/inc -I/root/src/core/clib/inc -I/root/src/core/meta/inc -I/root/src/core/gui/inc -I/root/src/core/cont/inc -I/root/src/core/foundation/inc -I/root/src/core/base/inc -I/root/build/ginclude -I/root/build/ginclude -I/root/src/core/base/inc -I/root/src/core/foundation/inc -I/root/src/core/cont/inc -I/root/src/core/gui/inc -I/root/src/core/meta/inc -I/root/src/core/clib/inc -I/root/src/core/rint/inc -I/root/src/core/zip/inc -I/root/src/core/thread/inc -I/root/src/core/textinput/inc -I/root/src/core/clingutils/inc -I/root/src/core/base/v7/inc -I/root/src/core/foundation/v7/inc -I/root/src/core/unix/inc -I/root/src/math/vecops/inc -I/root/src/core/unix/inc -I/root/src/core/foundation/v7/inc -I/root/src/core/base/v7/inc -I/root/src/core/clingutils/inc -I/root/src/core/textinput/inc -I/root/src/core/thread/inc -I/root/src/core/zip/inc -I/root/src/core/rint/inc -I/root/src/core/clib/inc -I/root/src/core/meta/inc -I/root/src/core/gui/inc -I/root/src/core/cont/inc -I/root/src/core/foundation/inc -I/root/src/core/base/inc -I/root/build/ginclude -I/root/src/math/vecops ROOT/RAdoptAllocator.hxx ROOT/RVec.hxx /root/src/math/vecops/inc/LinkDef.h
No such file or directory
make[2]: Leaving directory '/root/build'
make[2]: *** [math/mathcore/CMakeFiles/G__MathCore.dir/build.make:240: math/mathcore/G__MathCore.cxx] Error 1
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:26364: math/mathcore/CMakeFiles/G__MathCore.dir/all] Error 2
make[1]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
No such file or directory
make[2]: *** [math/vecops/CMakeFiles/G__ROOTVecOps.dir/build.make:68: math/vecops/G__ROOTVecOps.cxx] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory '/root/build'
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:27268: math/vecops/CMakeFiles/G__ROOTVecOps.dir/all] Error 2

If I compile ROOT alone everything goes smooth, so I assume it’s related to VecGeom. By inspecting the failed build, I realized that the /root/build/math folder does not exist – but no clue how this could be actually related to the VecGeom build. I’m running out of ideas, anyone with a bright one?

Hi @luigipertoldi ,
sorry for the high latency, @oshadura might be able to help.


Please make sure you are not using any builtins. Both ROOT and VecGeom have a builtin for VecCore, but if they each enable their own, then you will have two potentially conflicting versions of VecCore while building ROOT.

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Uhm ok, that could be the problem indeed – see this log: Dockerfile.txt (2.9 MB). It just says -- Looking for VecGeom, which might mean that CMake does not find it?

How do I prevent that?

Where do you have VecGeom installed? You need to add an option when building ROOT to tell CMake to search in the right places. It could be CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH, or VecGeom_DIR. Please read CMake’s documentation for find_package for more information.

Thanks a lot for the tip, I apparently solved the issue by adding -Dbuiltin_veccore=OFF to the build options.

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