Cannot Build 5.32.03 in cygwin

Hi everyone,
I am attempting to build root 5.32.03 in cygwin on my windows machine.
My build order was:
cd root
./configure win32 --build=debug
make -j2

However, after making it a good way through the process, the process fails. The following is the error:
Error: cannot open file"c/cygwinc:/rootcore/base/inc/LinkDef1.h"
!!!Removing core/base/src/G_Base1/cxx core/base/src/G_Base1.h !!!
Error: C:\cygwin\cygdrive\c\root\core\utils\src\rootcint_tmp.exe: error loading headers
/c/cygwin/cygdrive/c/root/core/base/ recipe for target ‘core/base/src/G_Base1.cxx’ failed
make *** [core/base/src/G_Base1.cxx] Error 1

This also happens for LinkDef2. I am unsure how to precede forward to address this issue. Thanks for any help in advance

Tyler Bream


Avoid to do this:[quote=“tbreamad”]export ROOTSYS=$PWD[/quote]
Cheers, Bertrand.