Can‘t compile the ROOT on my MacBook

the erro displaying is:
opt/local/bin/ranlib: object: /Users/pedanter/root-6.18.00_build/FREETYPE-prefix/src/FREETYPE/objs/.libs/libfreetype.a(ftsystem.o) malformed object (unknown load command 1)
ar: internal ranlib command failed
make[3]: *** [/Users/pedanter/root-6.18.00_build/FREETYPE-prefix/src/FREETYPE/objs/] Error 1 "

my macOS is 10.15, and have installed latest Xcode!

Hi @qq_pp, did you update the system after installing ROOT?

I installed ROOT after update the system

Why is your build using /opt/local/bin/ranlib and not /usr/bin/ranlib or /bin/ranlib or wherever it is? Do you have custom binutils that might interfere with the compiler?

I did not chang anything. I just followed the " Quick Start" to install the ROOT

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Well - that doesn’t install /opt/local/bin/ranlib. So - where does that come from? Did you build your own compiler some day?