Can solve these bytecode limitation?

  • There are additional limitations for the bytecode function.
    • Don’t declare automatic class object, use pointer and new statement.
    • Don’t return class object, use reference or pointer
    • Don’t take class object as argument, use reference or pointer
    • Function must be less than 2000 lines
    • No array and/or struct initialization

I saw above limitation, and I need declare precompiled class variables in a func, and exec it in a large scale of loog, so it’s very slowly.How can i solve it!

Hello zzhkk1,

Sorry for your inconvenience about the bytecode limitation.
Those limitations will be cleared with next major enhancement
of Cint. I am in process of re-engineering Cint with a newly
implemented bytecode compiler. So far, I’ve done 60 to 70%
of the work to the 1st release. It will take a couple of more
monthes, but I will provide it within this year.

Thank you
Masa Goto