Can ROOT be used in other fields?

Dear Sir,
Can we use Root for Insurance Data analytics or ONLY for physical experiments only .

We have huge data of insurance sectoral data and we are looking similar to root ,

Please guide for high performance


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Welcome to the ROOT forum!

Yes, you’re very welcome to use ROOT in any context you see fit. ROOT is for instance used in finance - and I bet insurance data is highly structured, highly repetitive, too - this sounds like a perfect fit to me! ROOT is open source: you can just download and run it, and even modify it to your needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us / ask questions here should you have any!

(FYI, I’ve moved this question out of the original topic as I didn’t see the connection to Docker images.)

Cheers, Axel.

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you can most certainly use ROOT to process Insurance data. I used ROOT for years on telecom data, using c++ programs to read data files and create and output ROOT plots.
These days there are many data analysts that are using R + some programming language in the same manner, so that might be another option to look at.

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