Can one use SMatrix with CINT?

8) have tried the following CINT code :

· root [0] gSystem->Load(“libSmatrix”);

· root [1] using namespace ROOT::Math;

· root [2] SMatrix<double,2,3> m;

· Limitation: Can’t instantiate precompiled template SMatrix<double,2,3> (tmpfile)(1)

· *** Interpreter error recovered ***

Is it normal? Thanks for your answer.

The smatrix package is designed to be used primarily in a batch system
with small matrices and in case you do not use the interpreter or I/O.
Because this package is template based, one has to generate
the dictionary for known cases. Currently, we have generated
the dictionary for square matrixes 2x2,3x3,4x4,5x5.

If you intend to use the interpreter and do I/O, i STRONGLY encourage you
to use the standard ROOT matrix package that is far more powerful
than smatrix and without the limitations indicated above.

The main advantage of smatrix is the speed (about 2 times faster than TMatrix…), but you must weight this small advantage with the
big disadvantage that I mentionned.