Can not read forum with Microsoft IE

I cannot read the RootForum posts because the MS IE renders some paragraphs as one single unwrapped line.

Any idea ?

Could you indicate examples of posts that are not readable with IE
and report also the problem to MS ?


For example the post … ght=#40704
is seen as the one long line. One has to scroll horizontally to be able to read. It seems to me there was such kind of issue with RootForum in past and Axel fixed it at the ime.

I can see it from many different machine / Windows /IE combinations:
Windows XP/ Vista / IE7 / IE8

I do not see problem to read the other (non-ROOT) forums.

I would like to call your attention that this problem affects some posts only.

For example I do not see any problem to read THIS message.

It did work properly recently (1-2 months ago)