Can not read database file of Heed++

Dear experts

I want to simulate the particle transportation in gas using TrackHeed::TransportPhoton() and TrackHeed::TransportDeltaElectron(), but I got error below:

    Read 22 values from file /group/had/muon/ssun/ICEDUST_master/ICEDUST_install/SimDetectorResponse/parameters/IonMobility_He+_He.txt
Sensor::SetTimeWindow: Resetting all signals.
ExAtomPhotoAbsCS::ExAtomPhotoAbsCS(...) const: ERROR:
cannot open file /database/shelllist.dat
FunNameStack: s_init=1 qname=1
  0  ExAtomPhotoAbsCS::ExAtomPhotoAbsCS(...) const 
File is /group/had/muon/ssun/ICEDUST_master/ICEDUST_externals_source_LFS/GARFIELD/garfield_5.0/Heed/heed++/code/PhotoAbsCS.cpp , line number is 1042
spexit_action: the streams will be now flushed
spexit_action: the abort function is called

I confirmed that I have this shelllist.dat in the source directory and also install directory, how can it can’t find the file?

Did you maybe forget to source the script?

Yes you are right…
There is some problem of env in my application. Thank you!

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